School of Conflict Management, Peacebuilding and Development

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Listed below is the projected availability of courses within the School of Conflict Management, Peacebuilding and Development over the next four years. Please note that the course forecast is tentative and thus may have to be altered depending on availability of faculty, classrooms, and student demand.

LEGEND: Use the guide below to understand the course forecast chart:
N = Course Not Offered
Y = Course Offered
Y-D = Course Offered. Day
Y-E = Course Offered. Evening
Y-W = Course Offered. Weekend
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Conflict Management (MSCM)
NumCourse TitleSprSumFallSprSumFallSprSumFall
7100Introduction to Conflict Management
7205Basic Mediation Training ClinicYY
7210Foundations and Theories of Conflict Management: Conflict TheoryYY
7220Foundations and Theories of Conflict Management: Negotiation TheoryYY
7230Foundations and Theories of Conflict Management: ADR ContinuumYY
7310Critical Knowledge and Skills of Conflict Management: Interpersonal, Intergroup, and Community Conflict and Workplace/Organizational ConflictYY
7315Organizational and Workplace ConflictYY
7320Critical Knowledge and Skills of Conflict Management: Public Policy Disputes, Cross-Cultural and International Conflict ResolutionYY
7325Advanced Civil Mediation ClinicYY
7335Organizational LeadershipYY
7355Advanced International Mediation ClinicYY
7365Humanitarian Crisis InterventionYY
7400Conflict Management Research MethodsYY
7500Conflict Management Systems DesignYY
7600Study of a Specific Conflict Management EnvironmentYY
7705Advanced Applied Skills TrainingYY
7710The Practice of Conflict Management: Field ExperienceYY
7715The Practice of Conflict Management: Field ExperienceYY
7720The Practice of Conflict Management: Field Study and Internship ReportsYY
8900Special Topics
8940Directed Study

International Conflict Management (INCM)
NumCourse TitleSprSumFallSprSumFallSprSumFall
9001Theories and Analysis in International Conflict ManagementY
9002International Relations: Theory, System, and PracticeY
9004Faculty Research ColloquiumY
9005Economics of ConflictY
9006Intercultural Dynamics in International Conflict ManagementY
9101Fundamentals of Research DesignY
9102Quantitative MethodsY
9103Qualitative MethodsY
9210 Advanced Quantitative MethodsY
9230 Advanced Qualitative MethodsY
9250International Program and Management EvaluationY
9290Special Topics in Research Methods
9320 Essentials of International Negotiation: Theory and Practice
9330 Foundations and Issues in International Political Economy
9340Transnational Civil Society and Conflict
9350Peacebuilding, Peacekeeping, and ReconciliationY
9360Gender, Conflict, Peace
9370International Project Management
9380Sustainable Development
9410Comparative Conflict Management Policies of International Organizations
9430 Post-Agreement Reconstruction
9450 Current Conflicts
9451Conflicts in Africa
9510 Related Study of a Selected Regional Area
9530Related Study of a Selected Topical AreaYY
9550Related Course Directed StudyY
9600Dissertation Proposal ColloquiumYY
9601 Case Writing and Case TeachingY
9602Peacebuilding AssessmentY
9603Essentials of Mediation
9604Nonviolent Resistance
9605 College and University TeachingYY
9606Security System Reform (SSR)
9607Strategy Development
9608Elections & Electoral Systems Design
9609Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration
9610Culture, Ethics, & Leadership in International Conflict Management
9611ICM Grant Writing and Evaluation
9613Gaming, Conflict, and Decision-making
9650Special Topics in INCM
9700 International Experience
9900 Ph.D. Dissertation Research