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Current Ph.D. Students

Natalia Meneses

Natalia Meneses was born in Bogotá, Colombia where she received her early education. She finished her undergraduate studies and earned a B.A. in International Affairs in 2004 and continued her education and received a Master of Public Administration degree in 2006 from Kennesaw State University. She is a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars since 2003. She enrolled in the INCM PhD Program at Kennesaw State in 2012. Her research interests include women’s role in armed conflict, particularly in peacemaking. She is also interested in internally displaced people and indigenous communities in armed conflict, especially in Latin America.

Her dissertation title is Women’s Issues in the Peace Negotiations Agreement and their Effect on Women’s Status in Post-Conflict Countries. Her research uses both qualitative and quantitative methods to examine how the addition of women’s issues to the peace negotiation agreement influences women’s status post-conflict, by analyzing the peace processes, agreements, and implementation in three cases.

Prior to her graduate experience, Natalia worked for an export company in the private sector, where she was a logistics specialist for China and Puerto Rico. Currently she is the Program Coordinator for the Master of Science in International Policy Management at Kennesaw State University. In 2014 she contributed to the book, Indigenous Conflict Management Strategies: Global Perspectives (Lexington Books of Lanham, Maryland). In May 2015, she won people’s choice at the first 3MT competition at KSU.

Areas of Interest
Women’s Role in Armed Conflict, Peacemaking, Indigenous Communities in Armed Conflict, Internally Displaced People