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Academics / PhD in International Conflict Mgmt: Current Students

Current Ph.D. Students

Margaret Slusher

Margaret Slusher graduated from the following schools: Kennesaw State University with a Master of Science in Conflict Management, Winthrop College with a Masters in Music Education, and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with a Masters in Church Music with an emphasis in conducting. In addition, Margaret is certified in civil and domestic mediation for the State of Georgia. Because of her interest in strategies of conflict management and interpersonal and intercultural relationship skills, Margaret enrolled in the INCM PhD Program at Kennesaw State.

Her dissertation title is: “Designed to Succeed: Factors that contribute to the success of nonviolent action campaigns”. She builds her theoretical framework on nonviolent resistance as a pluralistic/democratic approach to successfully wage unarmed conflict in efforts to overthrow dictatorships.

Prior to returning to college, she worked more than thirty years in public and private sectors. She holds multiple certifications in leadership, strategic planning, and interpersonal relationship skills, such as Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Leadership and The Four Roles of Leadership; Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership; Joel Barker’s I-Wheel™® and Strategy Matrix™®; John Savage’s Lab I and Lab II Listening Skill and Conflict Resolution Process; and Dr. Paul Eckman’s Emotions Revealed™ (Facial Micro Expressions).

Areas of Interest
Nonviolent resistance as a strategic approach to conflict; the abusive role of women as weapons of war and genocide; and human trafficking