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Academics / PhD in International Conflict Mgmt: Current Students

Current Ph.D. Students

Lina Tuschling

Lina Tuschling graduated from the University of Hamburg, Germany in 2014 with a MA in Peace Studies and Security Policy. In 2013 Lina completed her Bachelor’s in International Business and Languages at the International Business School at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Lina enrolled in the INCM PhD program at Kennesaw State to continue learning and writing about ethno-religious conflict and the impact of social identity on conflict.

Lina’s academic research interests include social identity theories, the confluence of culture and conflict, and fraternal social relationships in nationalistic societies and their impact on intra- and inter-national conflicts, specifically in the Middle East.

Prior to her graduate experience, Lina worked at the Institute for Theology and Peace in Hamburg, Germany and interned at the German-Israeli Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tel Aviv, Israel. Lina is a native German speaker and speaks fluent English. She also speaks some Modern Hebrew, Spanish and French.

Areas of Interest
Middle East, Israel, Religion, Ethno-religious Conflicts, Social and Military Identity