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Academics / PhD in International Conflict Mgmt: Current Students

Current Ph.D. Students

Dlorah Jenkins

Dlorah Jenkins holds a Master of Public Health from Georgia State University as well as a B.S. in Science, Technology, and Culture from Georgia Tech. She enrolled in the INCM PhD Program at Kennesaw to build upon her previous research on the influence of socioeconomic and political factors on population health in developing regions, specifically with respect to environmental health and infectious diseases. Additionally, Dlorah is interested in evaluating the broader implications of conflict and underdevelopment. As a part of the International Conflict Analysis and Transformation (ICAT) research group, Dlorah works to develop models to simulate the impact of policy implementation on pertinent health, social, and economic issues.

Areas of Interest
Sub-Saharan Africa; Conflict and Public Health; Global Health Security; Socioeconomic Impact Analysis; Conflict Epidemiology; Environmental Sustainability and Health; Political Economy