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Academics / PhD in International Conflict Mgmt: Current Students

Current Ph.D. Students

David Kwasi Bansah

David Kwasi Bansah graduated with two Master of Arts degrees in Economic Policy Management (EPM) from University of Ghana, Accra-Ghana (2009) and Conflict, Peace and Security (MCPS) from Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Center, Accra-Ghana (2012). His current academic membership/fellowship includes Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Boston-MA (2013) and Political Violence Standing Group (2013). David enrolled into the International Conflict Management (INCM) PhD Program at Kennesaw State University, USA in the Fall, 2013 with the expectations of gaining a world-class academic and practical experience in conflict mediation. He hopes to have the expertise in land conflict management as a consultant and also teach conflict mediation at the tertiary level after graduation. He is also a Traditional Ruler (Chief) of Abutia, a southeastern community of Ghana with the main engagements of communal dispute resolution and socio-economic development project initiation. He is a member of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs, Ghana and the Spoke-Person for Abutia Traditional Council.

Prior to his enrollment into the INCM PhD Program, he served as a Senior Tax Administrator with the Ghana Revenue Authority, Accra-Ghana for more than 14 years. His research/dissertation proposal is entitled “Security Land-Guards to the Rescue: The Question of Land Protection in Peri-Urban Areas of Ghana”. The theoretical framework underpinning his research rests on “bad policy/governance”, the major cause of land conflicts in Africa.

Areas of Interest
Ghana/West Africa – Good Governance pertaining to Urban and Communal Land Management; Belize/Caribbean – Local Conflict Mediation methods; North American – Sustainable Land Policy and Property Tax Mobilization Mechanisms