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PhD in International Conflict Management

Current PhD in International Conflict Management Students

The PhD in International Conflict Management at Kennesaw State University (KSU) currently has students from around the world, creating a dynamic, yet intimate, educational environment. International Conflict Management is a field that currently has few opportunities for advanced training. This PhD program offers several key elements unavailable in most other doctoral programs in this field to top-quality, advanced graduate students. Each doctoral student, after completing the core courses, is given the flexibility to focus their studies in their desired area. The ability to drive their curriculum in the direction of their dissertation and region allows them to further their expertise in their academic discipline.

  • Joyce De-Graft Acquah
    Conflict and its Impact on Livelihoods; Gender and Labor Relations; Transnational, State and Non-state Interventions in Peacebuilding and Conflict Management; the Role of Civil Society in Conflict Management and Peacebuilding
  • Crystal Armstrong
    Social Media and Digital Social Identity Development, Social Media and Digital Technology in Extremist Mobilization, Evolution of Digital Conflict and Digital Resistance Movements, Digital Civil Society.
  • Dave Ayers
    Disaster and terrorism, preparedness in rural areas, critical event response and rebuilding, strategic infrastructure design
  • David Kwasi Bansah
    Ghana/West Africa – Good Governance pertaining to Urban and Communal Land Management; Belize/Caribbean – Local Conflict Mediation methods; North American – Sustainable Land Policy and Property Tax Mobilization Mechanisms
  • Hania Bekdash
    Middle East; Yemen; Youth; Development; Socioeconomic Impact Analysis; Human Security; Transitional Justice; Evaluation
  • Gianni Bisio
    Post-conflict reconciliation, youth development, gender equality, education, genocide, international actors, Peace Corps, arts, Southeast Asia, sub-Sahara Africa, African Great Lakes region
  • Yeju Choi
    International Management, Organizational Conflict, Workplace Conflict, Cross-cultural Communication, Cross-cultural Conflict, Culture and Conflict, Interpersonal and Intergroup Conflict in the Workplace, Multinational Corporations, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Mediation
  • Autumn Cockrell-Abdullah
    Middle East; Iraqi Kurdistan; Kurdish Nationalism and Identity; Arts and Conflict; Cultural Anthropology; Visual Culture.
  • Taylor Downs
    Conflict resolution, post conflict mediation and consensus building, constructions of identity, contests and control over historical narratives, extremist political parties in democracies, Latin American politics, and US military history, national security, and foreign policy.
  • Etsegenet Endale
    Transnationalism; Diaspora and Refugee Studies; Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding; Humanitarian Intervention; African Studies; Environmental Peacebuilding; Social Empowerment; Gender Studies
  • Kimberly Fletcher
    sub-Saharan Africa; Latin America; quantitative research; intrastate conflict; human rights enforcement; land reform; sport and peacebuilding
  • Brittany Foutz
    U.S. international relations, U.S.-South America relations, international law, human rights advancement and the rule of law, peacekeeping and peacebuilding, international mediation, multi-track diplomacy, and regional integration.
  • Bradley S Gardner
    Jamaica; Anglophone Caribbean; Western Africa; South America
  • David Gethings
    Political Philosophy; International Institutions; International Law; Human Rights; Genocide Prevention; Cosmopolitanism; the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) Doctrine; Digital Technology; Social Market Economy; Civic and Political Engagement
  • Elena Gheorghiu
    Work Climates and Dynamics, Immigration, Acculturation and Quality of Life; Globalization and Internationalization of Work Force; Sociological Theory; Research Design; Quantitative and Qualitative Methodology
  • Lon Gibson
    NGOs, Azerbaijan, Civil Society, Islam, Western Society, and Immigration
  • Ziaul Haque
    Conflict Resolution, Conflict Transformation, Regime Resilience, Cultural Dynamics of Conflict, Methodology on Conflict Research, Negotiation of Protracted Conflict, Nonviolent Spoiling, Conflict Education
  • Keesha Burke Henderson
    Coloniality, and its impact on gender, leadership and conflict.
  • Jessica Hill
    Gender equity, prevention of gender-based violence, community resiliency, health systems-strengthening in post-conflict communities, peacebuilding and the arts.
  • Shea Holland
    Social Media, International Communication, Democratization, Middle East, Arab Spring, Government Communication
  • Bryan Hutcheson
    Burma; Syria; Bhutan & Nepal; Protracted Social Conflict; Social Choice Theory; Cantrill's Hope Theory; Religious History; Refugee Resettlement; the IOM and UNHCR
  • John B Idamkue
    Africa, Nigeria, natural resource conflicts, public policy, transnational corporations, civil society organizations, peace and peacebuilding, governance, humanitarian intervention, US-Cuba relations.
  • Vittorio Indovina
    Negotiation, mediation, arbitration, hybrid systems of dispute resolution, ombudsman, organizational conflict resolution, workplace conflict resolution, dispute system design, ADR and ADR programs, business-to-business dispute resolution, business-to-consumer dispute resolution, international business dispute resolution, court-annexed mediation programs, ADR training and coaching, and comparative studies on ADR policies.
  • Dlorah Jenkins
    Sub-Saharan Africa; Conflict and Public Health; Global Health Security; Socioeconomic Impact Analysis; Conflict Epidemiology; Environmental Sustainability and Health; Political Economy
  • Nicole Junker
    Conflict Related Sexual Violence; Human Trafficking; Central and Eastern Europe; Trauma; Media and Communications.
  • Kumar Khadka
    Nepal; Developing Countries; Post-conflict Reconstruction; Peacebuilding; Foreign Aid; Ethno-religious Violence; Identity conflicts; Regime Change; Governance; Policy Reforms
  • Kezia Lartey
    Aid and Development, Transnational Migration Issues, Peace building, Peacekeeping, Africa and Gender Studies
  • Melvin Laven
    Anger and Hatred; Atonement; Community Resilience; Ethics of Conflict Resolution; Evil and Conflict; issues of Peace and Social Justice; Philosophy of Conflict Resolution; Philosophy of Nonviolence; Reconciliation; Reintegration; Teaching Peace and Conflict; Theories of Social Liberation; Using Role Plays; Simulations and Socio-dramas as Pedagogical Tools for Conflict Resolution
  • Cynthia LeMay
    Global business and conflict resolution as those two disciplines intersect; mediation and negotiation; deception detection; pre-dispostion for developing post-traumatic stress and efficacy of treatment modalities; the role of social media in conflict
  • Kevin McMahon
    Social media in violence prevention and containment, the responsibilities of global corporations in peace building processes, gender sentencing differentials
  • Natalia Meneses
    Women’s Role in Armed Conflict, Peacemaking, Indigenous Communities in Armed Conflict, Internally Displaced People
  • Edwin Njonguo
    Unequal power relations in the international geopolitical system, extremism and counter terrorism strategies, (un)constitutional political power change and the democratic process, intergovernmental and multi-lateral organizations, structural and systemic dispute systems design
  • Audrey Redmond
    International Affairs; Ireland; Northern Ireland; Nationalism; Transatlantic Identity Formation; Political Identity; Women in Politics; Scotland; Catalonia; Independence Referendums; Digital Conflict
  • Cyrel San Gabriel
    Fragility and conflict in Asia and the Pacific, climate change, public policy, and governance.
  • Margaret Slusher
    Nonviolent resistance as a strategic approach to conflict; the abusive role of women as weapons of war and genocide; and human trafficking
  • Cortney Stewart
    Middle Eastern studies, Identity Negotiation issues among Refugees and host Countries, Sustainable Development and the role of aid
  • Lina Tuschling
    Middle East, Israel, Religion, Ethno-religious Conflicts, Social and Military Identity
  • Amanda Woomer
    Africa; Environmental Conservation; Design, Monitoring and Evaluation; Evaluation for Peacebuilding; Cultural Competency; Conflict-Sensitivity and Conflict Assessment; Nonprofit Organizations; Anthropology; Ethnography